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The Good News On Breast Cancer

Did you know the exciting thing about breast cancer is that your chances of getting it are only one in twelve women? And that's directly from the Breast Cancer Institute. The other good news is that it is preventable and 90% of women diagnosed in the early stages go on to lead normal, healthy lives.

Whether you have breast cancer or if you are just concerned about the possibility of having a problem in that area, pop onto the Internet and you will find approximately 15,500,000 sites on treating breast cancer. The information on these sites varies from the extreme conventional approach to the extreme alternate. From total invasion therapy such as chemotherapy to massive dosages of some expensive product someone is trying to push. It is likely to leave the average person full of information but more confused than when they started. Like prostate cancer in men, everybody seems to have a different idea. What is very interesting is that I had to search very diligently to find any mention of prevention or treatment by lifestyle.

There is an absolute avalanche of information on conventional treatment with billions of our money being spent on research, chemo, radiation and surgery, but genuine natural preventative methods are thin on the ground and usually difficult to seek out, but persevere, they are out there.

Doctors are often very reluctant to recommend alternatives because they are scared of malpractice suits, due to their insurance which doesn’t cover alternatives plus the medical boards can and do suspend their licenses or fine them heavily. Besides which, only a small percentage of medical professionals know very much about alternatives anyway. Bureaucracy, politicians, lawyers; pharmaceutical companies dominate and control our conventional ‘health care’ system. They rule the treatments, not doctors.

A few things you should know about cancer treatments:

· Yes, alternative therapies do work when used in conjunction with an experienced practitioner. Almost all alternative therapies have documented scientific studies to back them up. These studied developments invariably take place outside the conventional system so go unreported. Some successful treatments are hundreds of years old and yet are still ignored by the media and mainstream medicine. To date the public has generally been kept in the dark but fortunately the Internet and media interests are opening doors.

· Basically, if you get the main alternative categories into perspective and put them all together you will obtain the best preventative results. These categories include nutrition, organic and raw foods (to retain the vital enzymes), exercise, detoxification, relaxation, mental and emotional attitude, avoiding electro magnetic radiation and re-building your immune system.

· It is vital to keep an open mind. There are two things that distinguish a survivor from those who do not survive. Survivors have the strongest desire to live and to carry on with their lives. They ask questions, they read books; they check the Internet, listen to tapes and make phone calls. That way they find out what will work for them. These people are not afraid to do something both different and positive.

You create your thoughts, no one else does. You can think negative thoughts or positive thoughts; it’s entirely up to you! Whatever you think, it will affect your body.

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by: Michael Cambray


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Andy Subandono mengatakan...

• Smile is the shortest distance between two people.
• Those who are able to control their rage can conquer their most serious enemy.
• Knowledge and skills are tools, the workman is character.
• Being careful in judging an opinion is a sign of wisdom.
• You recognize birds from their singging, you do people from their talks.

t@2.t@2.cuph2 mengatakan...

maaf mb rini,
sy boleh minta email atau no hp mb gk??
sy ada keperluan penting sekali mb..
bls ke email sy, fenita.indah@gmail.com

perkenalkan ....

Perkenalkan nama saya saat ini …Rini Y.Kandara. Saat ini ..? Berarti di saat lain ada nama lain? … iya ! Katanya kan … dunia ini panggung sandiwara … ceritanya mudah berubah, ada saat kita bahagia … ada saat duka, ada saat menjadi murid, ada saat menjadi guru, ada saat jadi pasien …dsb. Nah … pada saat ini, peran utama yg dimainkan adalah sebagai pasien. Dengan demikian, nama Rini Y Kandara ini punya arti khusus, yaitu Rini Yang Kena kanker payudara.

Kenapa musti ada nama lain untuk peran yang berbeda?
Karena … saya tidak mau terlalu terpengaruh dengan keberadaan kanker yang saat ini sedang ingin menyapa hidup saya. Kehidupan sehari-hari yang telah saya jalani dari lahir hingga kini (Agustus 2007) yang sangat indah dan penuh warna sebagai Rini yang lain … insyaAllah tetap akan berjalan normal … meski tetap menyesuaikan dengan kondisi pemeran utama saat ini sebagai Rini Y. Kandara. Maksudnya … kalau pas mampu, badan sehat dan tidak lesu, ya kegiatan sehari-hari jalan terus …. mengajar, nguji, asistensi, nganter jemput sekolah anak2, mengajak mereka jalan2, arisan, pengajian, senam pernafasan, senam aerobic ringan, ping-pong, badminton, dsb…., diharapkan bisa tetap berlangsung …. semampunya....